‘Keep Your Daydream’ RV Adventure to Alaska



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Good morning, Blog Buds! This is Part Two.  If you haven’t read Part One, scroll down or click on this link-   ‘Long Long Honeymoon’ RV Adventure to Alaska

51FnloptwEL._SY346_As much as I love Long Long Honeymoon  the fact is RV Adventures are very different for folks with kids.  I know.  I got a whole pile of the little darlings, four in fact, and most of them are bigger than me now, two of them have Special Needs.  So I thought it essential to include the perspective of a couple with kids.  Stay tuned for the Bonus Feature at the end for a couple with a young child and also a single lady.


Keep Your Daydream is in their 7th Season!  Wow, the time does fly.  They had three children packed into their camper trailer when they started.  The RV Tour for that first camper is hilarious!  I watch it just for fun or cheering up.  Now they have one kid in college and just got back from a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand!

Well, you know how I feel about New Zealand, right?


Keep Your Daydream does a wonderful job explaining all the preparations and upgrades to their truck and camper for the trip.  They also update a list of miles traveled and fuel consumption from their starting point in Arizona, as well as the price of fuel at the time.  This can really help you calculate and plan for your needs in that area.

One good point they make is that the trip to Alaska and back is made more affordable by ‘boondocking,’ which is another term for ‘dry camping.’  That is, you camp without any hook-ups, no water, electricity, or septic dumping.  You just pull over and live off what you already have in your camper and tow/towing vehicle.  This is especially important because…



There I said it and it can’t be said enough.  After living in Alaska for a couple of decades, I am still stunned by how cheap a gallon of milk is here in the Lower 48 States by comparison.  And I’ve lived here for going on a decade.

So, by stocking up on fuel and food when you can get it for cheap and boondocking whenever possible, you can make your Alaskan dream a reality with careful planning.  Cooking in your RV or next to it in the great Outdoors (which is the best thing about AK anyway) you save a lot of money.

Keep Your Daydream talks about the effects of almost continuous sunshine and the weather.  You get used to that when you live there, but a tourist can be in for a shock.  Especially coming from some place really warm, like Arizona.  Don’t expect fireworks on Independence Day, because that’s not something special.  Alaskans save that for New Year’s instead, when the sun is on the other side of the planet and you get a long, cold night.  Then, fireworks are awesome.

That leads into some of Keep Your Daydreams memorable stops, like Fairbanks.  I’ve never actually been there, but now I want to go.  They have vintage cars and trucks there!  I love vintage anything, you know.

Denali_Mt_McKinleyAlso, they fly over Denali National Park  and visit my favorite place in the entire state, Seward.

They also ride on the Alaska Railroad which is one of the best things you can do.  Did I mention they also ride a ferry?


Along with all the fun they tell you about the trials and tribulations like a mosquito swarm inside their camper during the night and the challenge of juggling the adventure with getting a kid to college somewhere in the Lower 48 at the same time.

In the end, they also dish out the advice on how to create your own trip to the Last Frontier.


Less Junk More Journey takes a trip to Alaska and they have a small child too!  That really puts a twist on the adventure.  Disclaimer: I haven’t watched all the episodes yet.

Caravan Carolyn hasn’t been to Alaska yet, so far as I know.  I just think she’s a lot of fun, a single lady on a full-time RVing adventure.

‘Long, Long Honeymoon’ RV Adventure to Alaska


Welcome to my very first post on my very new blog! Saturdays will be devoted to all things ALASKA! I had a hard time narrowing down today’s post. If you cut Alaska in half, after all, Texas would become the third largest state in these United States.

I finally settled on sharing my two favorite YouTube Adventurers’ trips to Alaska, because you really need to watch these playlists well in advance of going. I got into RVing when my husband’s parents literally gave us their RV. I’ve been watching YouTube Channels about RV adventures ever since. An RV affords you such freedom, especially as you grow older, mainly, I think, because we can bring our own beds and food with us. Turns out, these two things save a lot of money when going to Alaska too.

Sean & Kristy have been on a Long Long Honeymoon for over a decade.  They’ve covered over 100,000 miles and 49 states.  I’m guessing Hawaii is the one state they haven’t been to since their Airstream doesn’t have wings or floats.  I believe theirs was the first YouTube Channel for RVers that I watched and I think I’ve watched all their episodes.  Their Alaska Trip is my favorite, obviously, and I’ve watched the episodes multiple times.  Lots of YouTubers are fun to hang out with, but Sean & Kristy excel at also delivering excellent and extremely useful content.  




The Alaska Trip is made up of eight episodes.  Having made the trip back and forth between Alaska and the Lower 48 States with and without our four children, I can tell you that the advice you get from Sean & Kristy will make the difference between the trip of a lifetime and hell on wheels.  


Sean & Kristy cover the following essential topics-

  1. Pre-Maintenance.  Places to gas up and get things fixed are far apart.
  2. Supplies.  Places to buy food and gear and other supplies are also far apart.
  3. Road Conditions.  You’re gonna need to know all about Frost Heaves, so you don’t lose your teeth when you hit them. 
  4. Great Places to Camp.  
  5. Awesome Places to Visit
  6. Fabulous Activities Not to Miss
  7. When to Go & When to Leave. They managed to avoid a lot of mosquitoes!

I don’t remember if they mentioned my favorite place to visit on the Al-Can Highway.  It’s the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.  But, you know me, I’m a weird history buff kind of girl.

I think you’ll enjoy all of Sean & Kristy’s adventures, plus their brand of humor.  For example, Sean suggested we bring an ‘extra pint of blood’ for the mosquitoes in Alaska.  Yeah, the little buggers are that menacing, which is why I admire anyone who can avoid being carried off and sucked dry by them.  


This is DENALI, the tallest peak in North America.  I was one of the proud voters who got to decide to return it to the traditional Alaska Native name, which means “great one.”

There you have it, a wonderful launching point for the planning phase of your Great Alaskan Adventure.  Tune in next week, especially if you have kids, and I’ll introduce you to my other favorite RV Adventurers who took an unforgettable trip to Alaska,  Keep Your Daydream

BONUS!  The following two RV YouTubers are also awesome, but don’t have major Alaska episodes.  Yet.  Maybe they will one day.  Or maybe I missed them.  But, they’re a lot of fun and they have extremely useful content too.

RV Lifestyle follows the adventures of retired couple, Mike and Jennifer, in a Class B.

Cheap RV Living is by Vandweller, Bob Wells. How cool is that?  Check out his book too.


 How to Live in a Car, Van, or RV

Yes, I realize this Saturday post is going up on Sunday, but it’s my first for this blog.  Plus, WordPress sprang a new kind of editor on me.  Hopefully, I’ll get my actual Sunday post up by the end of the day.  

Happy Trails!