Alaska Romance Novels

That’s a thing?  Seriously?  Darn-tootin’!



This little beauty comes out in June.  I’m going to review it.   SWEET HOME ALASKA

So what in tarnation for?  Well, let’s start with the basic.  What’s so great about all those mushy romance novels anyway?

I’ll tell ya what’s great.

First off, full disclosure.  I read a romance novel in my teens.  It belonged to my grandma.  I thought it was so stupid.  If guys are like that in real life, I was never getting married.  I’ll stick with chocolate, thanks anyway.

Times have changed.  Now there are a bazillion different subgenres in the Romance Genre, literally something for everyone, including Alaskan lovers like me.


Lily and the Lawman

The Romance Genre is defined at its basic level as a story centered on a romantic relationship which ends in a Happily Ever After.  Some say it’s okay for it to end the story with Happy For Now.  I most certainly do not.  That’s how it is for half the population in real life and that’s depressing, if you ask me.

Alaskan Romance Novels are sort of like Western Contemporary Romance, but they recall elements of the Historical Western Romance too.  They’re set on the Last Frontier, which means isolation for the newcomer who’s most likely left all her friends and family thousands of miles away in the Lower 48 States.  Also, Alaskans humans are not at the top of the food chain, much like in the Old West.  Compare the size of the typical black bear you’ll find in the Lower 48 with the Alaskan Brown Bear or the Polar Bear and you’ll see what I mean.  Even the moose are a lot bigger and they will stomp you to death if you tick them off.



So there’s real danger and wild, wide open places.  If you’re into black tie, red satin, and fine dining, Alaskan Romance Novels probably won’t be your thing.

Although Alaska does have the best fishing in the world, if you ask me.  You haven’t lived until you’ve had Fish & Chips made with Halibut fresh out of the ocean just outside your door in Homer, Alaska.  That’s where me and my Alaskan Man had one of our first dates.  Fishing in Homer, Alaska


Back when I moved to Alaska, the men outnumbered the women at least ten to one.  In the church I attended, it was about thirty to one.  That made for a mighty fine selection.
usandtruck Now pushing our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

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  1. Thanks for including my book in your wonderful post! You’re right about halibut and chips–they’re amazing and I’m not even a big fish lover. Sounds like you picked well. Have a wonderful 25th anniversary!


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