Icelandic Turf House, the Hobbit Hole, and the Kansas Soddie

I’m a history buff.  The two things I like most about history are how ordinary people lived day to day and the little connections.


On the Banks of Plum Creek  was always my favorite story from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books.  The sod house they first lived in was a big reason why.

A while later and I read all about The Hobbit


and all about Bag End, Bilbo’s hobbit hole.

Where did these ideas come from?  Well, I can’t say about the Hobbit Hole, though I do know J.R.R. Tolkien was inspired by Nordic Mythology.  But, the sod house was brought to the American West by Scandinavian  immigrants.


Just me, but I think the Icelandic Turf House is just the coolest thing ever.  They derive their heat from the earth, plus they usually involved several or many small houses connected by tunnels.  This kept the family out of the wind during the long, cold winters.  Check out this YouTube video on it-

A lot of modern homesteaders are looking to these historical homes for inspiration.  Seems to me they’d really save on heating bills!

Want to build your own Hobbit Hole?  Hit this one-

And a good ol’ fashion Kansas Soddie? Totally go here-

Thus concludes your Homesteading History Lesson for Today!

P.S. I also looked to Iceland Elves for inspiration for my own elves in my YA Contemporary Fantasy.  Iceland is a pretty cool place.  Pun intended.